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Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Birth certificate is a legal document which is issued by government agency as a proof of citizen of any particular country. This certificate is issued at the time of birth of a child or one can avail it from government agency after the birth of a child.

Birth certificate is mainly keep as identity of a person. Many schools and institutions made it compulsory to submit a copy of birth certificate at the time of admission. Not only schools but all the government works involve submission of birth certificate as age proof. For example to open a bank account one need to show a proof of his or her age, at that time he or she needs to submit either birth certificate or any proof of his or her age.

The original record is kept by government agency only; they provide a copy of birth certificate to us so that we can further process our work. Like every city every place Delhi also having this facility to its people. Delhi is a capital of India, most of the government official works from here only. Like other places, Delhi is also having birth certificate centers which provide birth certificate to people.

How to get birth certificate
One can get Birth certificate from their nearby birth certificate centers. According to Indian Law, one can avail any legal document within limit time of 21 days. Like other documents one can get birth certificate after the 7 days of submission of application form.

For getting this birth certificate one need to fulfill two basic requirements

  • A birth certificate center where he or she can apply for birth certificate.
  • He or she needs an oldest person in the family, head of the family, or anyone who can became guardian.
  • In Delhi there are some authorities who provide birth certificate such as NDMC, MCD, Delhi cantonment board, etc. There is another way to get birth certificate and that is online birth certificate. Yes you can get your birth certificate online. You just need to upload your documents for the certificate and other required information related to same.

    Document Required for Birth Certificate:

    • Application made on plain paper.
    • Proof of Birth of the child for whom the certificate is being made.
    • A copy of Affidavit that confirms the date, time and place of birth.
    • A copy of the ration card.
    • One photograph of the child and parents together.
    • Attested documents from a Gazetted Officer.

    PROFORMA OF Birth Certificate Affidavit: CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD