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Driving Licence in Delhi

Driving Licence in Delhi

Driving license is another identity of a person which is issued to the person who is above 18 and able to drive vehicle in a proper manner with full knowledge of traffic rules and regulation. Driving license is issued on the basis of skills and knowledge of driving.

Driving license is a legal document which can be used for other works also like as an address proof. Driving license is necessary for the two main reasons:

It is a proof that one is acknowledged with all the traffic rules and regulations and driving skills. 2. In case of any accident your driving license is the primary document which is undertaken by the authority.

Basically there are two type of driving license one is learning driving license and another is permanent driving license. Learning Driving license is for the temporary use and it is issued 21-30 days before permanent driving license. Learning driving license is stamped paper issued by the authority that you have cleared your driving test.

Documents required for driving license.

  • Filled application from by the applicant.
  • Address proof, in which you can use any of the attested copy of ration card, voter ID card, Electricity Bill etc.
  • One photograph for the identical use.
  • Age proof, as a age proof you can use birth certificate or 10th passing certificate or any legal document in which date of birth is mentioned.
  • The authority is bound to charge some amount for procedure. The lum sum amount which is to pay by the applicant is 1000-1500 Rupees only.

    You can apply for driving license near to home authority office. They have some rules and procedure which one need to follow and complete. They take your driving test in which they judge your driving skills weather you can drive or not after that test they ask some oral question regarding traffic and vehicle driving skills. One who has passed all the test is allowed to hold Driving license.

    There is all new way to apply for driving license and that is online application for same. This is the most convenient and time saving way to get your driving license direct at your home. This way is convenient as it avoids you from long queue and 2-3 day presence in the authority ultimately which saves your time, energy and Money.

    How to apply online? Online application is as simple as it sounds. One needs following this to apply online for driving license.

    • 1. Basic knowledge of computer and internet.
    • 2. He or she need to make an account on particular website where he or she can login and apply for driving license. He or she can also check the status of the application time to time.
    • 3. Applicant need scanned document which are required for the application. Scanned document is need so that they can upload the document and submit it by home only.
    • 4. Credit card or debit card for online payment. Fee for the driving license is charge online through cards only.

    Download form for Driving Licence: CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD

    Download form for Learner Licence: CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD

    Download Form for self declaration for Medical Fitness: CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD