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Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

"Marriages are made in heaven and performed on the earth" this is an old saying which is completely true. But in today's advanced world everything is legally proved so that for marriage also. Both married couple has to register their marriage in the marriage registrar office and asked for the marriage certificate so that their marriages became legal till their end.

Importance of this certificate is according to Indian law one person can marry with one person only at a time. Marriage certificate is a legal prove that he/she is already married and not able to marry to any other person.

This certificate is issued to both husband and wife and their marriage is registered under the Hindu marriage act 1955. This is a legal procedure which required some document to register their marriage and that documents are as follows

  • 1. An Application form signed by both husband and wife.
  • 2. Address proof: copy of electricity bill, driving license, voter ID card etc (Any one of them).
  • 3. Date of birth proof: applicant can use birth certificate or 10th passing certificate as age proof. He or she can also use any other legal document which says his or her age.
  • 4. Two pass port size photograph.
  • 6. If one of the two is divorcee he or she needs to submit Original copy of divorce paper.
  • 7. NOC (No Objection Certificate) in the case of foreign applicant.
  • 8. Gazetted officer as a witness.
  • 9. Marriage invitation card: both couple are allowed to show invitation card so that they can register their date of Marriage and can keep that invitation card as a proof.

Marriage registration in Delhi is similar to marriage registration in other place, the only thing couple need is to know where and how to register their marriage. There many courts which are distributed area wise accordingly. Couple needs to go to their nearest district court and ask for the registration of their marriage.

Court marriage in Delhi is same to same as another marriage but the only difference is that there is no need to collect lots of people and perform all the ritual in a manner. In court marriage couple performs basic rituals of Hindu marriage and sign on registration register in front of the judge of marriage registrar officer along with their two witnesses. For court marriage all above document are same but the additional norm is that both couple needs at least one witness from their side. Witness can anyone friends, relatives, anyone who are known to him or her.

There is an easy way to register their marriage that are already married but yet left to register their marriage. Married couple can apply for marriage certificate through online. There are many web portals that are in the services to provide this type of certificate online. They just need to log in and upload all above certificate in required format. Websites like Easy to get India can help you to complete all the formalities for marriage certificate from your home only.


  • 1. Within 1month of marriage, treasury chalan of Rs. 7/-
  • 2. After 1 month of marriage, treasury chalan of Rs. 7/- + fine Rs.25/-
  • In how many Act marriage can be register in india:-
    A marriage can be registered under either of two marriages Act In India.

  • The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  • The Special Marriage Act, 1954
  • To Whom you can register a complaint:-

  • Municipal Corporations Deputy Commissioner
  • Municipalities/NACs Executive Officer
  • Blocks BDO
  • Affidavit for Marriage Registration: CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD

    Application Form Registration under Hindu Marriage Act: CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD