How To Apply Online For Marriage Registration In Delhi?
A great many people are progressively worried about wedding scenes, menus and closets when contrasted with the lawful side and the desk work engaged with getting hitched to somebody. While it is anything but difficult to feel lost since you are too bustling arranging your goal wedding or themed lone bachlor party, it is always better to remember that registering your marriage and obtaining a valid marriage certificate are likewise fundamental parts of getting married. Hence, here's a gander at how to apply for marriage certificate in Delhi on the web and NCR area. Also, you can apply for online marriage enrollment in Delhi on the Government website.

Eligibility For Marriage Registration Certificate
All relationships which were solemnized in Delhi goes under the Delhi (Compulsory Registration of Marriage) Order, 2014 irrespective of caste, ideology or religion of the companions in question. In any case, there are sure essential conditions which must be met if a marriage is to be registered inside NCR. In this manner, here's a gander at what makes couples qualified to apply for a marriage certificate or even record their marriage in Delhi.
  • Either spouse is a Delhi native or has address proof within Delhi
  • The marriage itself took place in Delhi
  • As per the Hindu Marriage Act, if a wedding is to be registered, both spouses must be either Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jain.
  • Neither should have a legal and living spouse while applying for the second marriage.
  • Both must give valid consent, freely and without any fear, external force or aggression.
  • Male must be 21 and females should be at least 18 years old.
  • Spouses must not be from any type of prohibited relationship unless the custom is permitted by law.

Procedure for Marriage Registration Delhi:
  • Submit the application form at the Marriage Office.
  • Also, submit the required documents.
  • The court and the office must then verify these documents.
  • The registration of marriage shall take place in the presence of at least one witness.
  • After a successful marriage registration, you will receive the marriage certificate.
Fee for Marriage Registration Certificate
The fee for marriage registration is:
  • Rs. 100 if you are following the Hindu Marriage Act.
  • Rs.150 if the wedding as per the Special Marriage Act.
  • You must pay the fees to the cashier, and attach a receipt for the same to the application form that you submit in the registrar office.

Documents required for marriage registration in Delhi:
Let us see the essential records for the marriage registration in Delhi online. Be that as it may, after the online registration, it is mandatory to visit face to face to give these documents.
  • Application form
  • Age Proof: Matriculation Certificate, Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Aadhar card
  • Affidavit in the prescribed format
  • Two passport size photographs
  • One marriage photograph.
  • Marriage invitation card
  • Certificate from the priest
  • A witness with a valid Aadhar card and PAN card
  • Attested divorce decree or death certificate if it is a second marriage
  • A conversion certificate if applicable

Hindu Marriage Act
Couples who have been according to Hindu, Jain, Buddhist or Sikh customs may register under the Hindu Marriage Act. Additionally, Sikhs may decide to register their marriage under the Anand Marriage Act. This procedure is likewise surprisingly like the one followed if the registration happens utilizing the Hindu Marriage Act. For sure, here's the means by which to enroll your marriage online according to the Hindu Marriage Act:
  • Gather the list of documents required.
  • Create the required Affidavit in the prescribed format.
  • Submit the application and other necessary documents to the marriage registrar office.
  • Book an appointment for the physical appearance of both the couple and witnesses.
  • To apply for an online appointment for marriage registration Delhi, go here.
  • Click on ‘Make Appointment with DM’.
  • Register on this portal.
  • Select your district as per geographic jurisdiction.
  • Fill in the details.
  • Select the ‘Registration of Marriage Certificate’ option.
  • Fill in the required details.
  • Select the date of the appointment.
  • Submit the Application.
  • The acknowledgement page to which you will be redirected will have details regarding the appointment date.
  • Take a printout of this Acknowledgement page.
  • Complete the due process at the registrar office.
  • Collect the issued marriage certificate.
  • The total time required is approximately 20 days.
Special Marriage Act
On the off chance that either mate has a place with any religion other than Hindu, Sikh, Jain or Buddhist, at that point the Special Marriage Act might be utilized to solemnize the wedding. In any case, this normally takes longer and is around takes over 30 days. Following are the means in this procedure:
  • Gather the documents required.
  • Making of an affidavit as per prescribed format.
  • Submit the application form and the required documents to the marriage registrar office
  • Book an appointment as per the guidelines mentioned above.
  • Visit the marriage registrar office.
  • A 30-day announcement notice will be there in the registrar notice so that if someone has an objection, they can come up within the particular time.
  • After 30 days, another appointment is booked.
  • Following a physical appearance of, verification of the documents is done again and the marriage is registered.
  • Then, you will receive your marriage certificate.

Marriage Registrar Offices in Delhi
  • North Delhi – 1, Kripa Narain Marg, Delhi.
  • East Delhi – I&F Office complex, LM Bandh, Geeta Colony, Delhi
  • South Delhi – MB Road, B.D.O.Office, Near Anupam Apartments, Saket, New Delhi- Tehsil Building, Mehrauli, New Delhi
  • West Delhi – Old Middle School Building, Rampura, Lawrence Road
  • Central Delhi – SDM office, Karol Bagh-Jhandewalan, New Delhi
  • New Delhi – Jam Nagar House, Near India Gate, New Delhi
  • South-West Delhi – Old Terminal Tax Building, Kapashera, Delhi
  • North-East Delhi – Weaver’s complex, Nand Nagari, Delhi
  • North-West Delhi – Bawana Road, Kanjhawala, Delhi