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Ration Card

Ration Card

Ration Card is a legal document or card issued by Indian Government so that its citizen can obtain food at wartime or even there is an emergency. This system of ration card is started at the time of WORLD WAR II. In India it has a great importance as a part of PDS which stands for Public Distribution System. In this system food is provided to the citizen according to their economic and financial condition.

Similarly there is a term BPL which stands for BELOW POVERTY LINE. Before know about BPL one should know what is poverty? Poverty is a condition which covers the people who are extremely week in economic as well as financial. There is a distribution among the people according to their physical and financial condition. The people who are extreme poor who cannot afford basic need that is food, water and shelter falls below the poverty line and the people who can afford only the basic need or some time cannot are considered above the Below Poverty line.

Ration Card are of three types

  • 1. Antyodaya Ration Card, which is issued to the people who are poorest of the poor.
  • 2. BPL, Below Poverty Line which is issued the people are cannot afford basic human needs.
  • 3. APL, Above Poverty Line which is issued the people can the basic needs of a human being. In this case food is provided according to economic condition.
  • Along with obtaining food, one can also use Ration Card as his or her Identity as it shows name, address and age.

    Document required for Ration Card

  • Filled Application form by Applicant
  • Three passport size photo, one should be attested by Gazzeted officer/minister of Parliament/Area MLA/Municipal Councilor.
  • Fees: Rs 25/- only (non-refundable)
  • Address proof: attested copy of Voter ID card/ Electricity bill / Driving License/ Adhar Card etc.
  • Note:

  • 1. Registration document of the house in the name of house owner.
  • 2. Attested copy of electricity bill for the house.
  • 3. Attested copy of water bill for the house.
  • 4. Attested copy of Telephone bill (MTNL) for the house.
  • 5. Copy of power of Attorney.
  • 6. Attested copy of bank statement.
  • In case of tenant:

  • 1. Rent receipt.
  • 2. No objection certificate (NOC from the house owner.
  • 3. Attested copy of Bank statement as an address proof mention in the form.
  • 4. If any above documents are not available than ask your area inspector to obtain a certificate along with the statement of two neighbor stating that the concern person is residing in the giving address on the form.
  • One can get ration card at their home only by applying through online. Online is a time saving way to get any certificate or card at their home only. There are many sites which are in this service such as easy to get India. This site will help to know about the detail importance and procedure of getting ration card. You can simple go the web address and log in to get this card.