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SC / ST Certificate

SC ST Certificate

The schedule caste and tribes are two classes which are protected by Indian Government under Indian Constitution. During the time of British these classes are known as Depressed Classes. The schedule caste and schedule tribes were treated like inferior in our society. People of schedule castes and schedule tribes were not allowed to sit along with high classes people. To protect them from this discrimination Indian government enacted an act known as the schedule caste and Schedule tribes Act, 1989. This act is also known as POA which stands for Prevention of Atrocities. This act was made under article 17 in which schedule caste and schedule tribes are protected from discrimination and untouchability or any other type of practice which harms their dignity and image.

According to facts and figure these classes have covered more than 16.6 percent and 8.6 percent respectively of Indian Population. The main purpose of this act is to provide them better standard of life and living. Second main purpose is to let them enjoy their Rights which they have as a citizen of India. Government has also provide them some value added facilities like compensation in Railways Reservation, admission in schools and universities, in Ration for households purposes etc.

Schedule caste and schedule tribe certificate is a legal document which implicates the identity of being schedule caste and schedule tribe by which they can avail all the facilities provided by Indian government to them. One can get these certificates from authority offices which are centered by Government of Indian like office of the sub divisional magistrate. There is another way from where you can apply for schedule caste certificate and schedule tribe certificate, that another ways is online registration. There are many sites which are in service of providing these certificates online such as easy to get India ( One need to login to a particular site for the registration of these certificates and then fill the form and upload the documents required for same.

Document required for the schedule caste and schedule tribes are

  • Application form which must b attested by Gestated officer, Municipal councilors, or any other government officer.
  • Copy of Ration card or any other which can be used by address proof.
  • Birth certificate or 10th passing certificate. In case of illiterate applicant use affidavit declaring age.
  • Affidavit shows name, father's name, address, period of residing in Delhi and most important caste.
  • For married women, she needs address proof before marriage.
  • Copy of Schedule caste or Schedule tribe certificate of father, mother, brother or any other guardian.
  • If the applicant has lost his father, he or she need Death certificate of the person.
  • In case applicant has no one's certificate. He or she can ask to any government officer who knows him or her and their caste to give a written proof along with their identity cards.

Application Form for SC ST Certificate CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD