How to Apply for OBC Certificate online in delhi

Other Backward certificate or OBC are a classified citizen of India by its Government according to their social and educational condition. This class is prevented by Indian Government from unfair practice done by other higher classes. Earlier Classes like Schedule Caste, Schedule tribe and Other Backward Class were treated like inferior by higher classes. They were not allowed to sit, walk or go around with other people as other people can do without anyone’s permission.

Indian government has enacted some laws in the prevention of other backward classes such as Under Article 340 of Indian constitution, according to which government promote welfare program for the Other Backward Classes. There are many other laws and compensation made by Indian Government so that they can feel equal in this inequality world. Government provides them some percent of reservation, some percent of quota in educational field etc.

Other Backward Class Certificate is a government issued legal document to the citizens of India who are belonging to Other Backward Classes. This certificate is a helping hand of the OBC people to avail the facilities provided by the government. This document is became an identity of OBCs which help them in many ways for example: in the official work, in getting discount on Ration, in government work etc.

One can get this certificate from the authorized center or from anywhere you know about this certificate. There is another way from where one can get this certificate that is online registration. One how knows bit of computer skills and internet surfing can apply online for Other Backward Caste Certificate. There are many sites who acknowledge you about the documentation and procedure of the online application. For instance easy to get India is a site where you can apply for any government document or certificate like passport, OBC certificate, SC certificate etc.

Document required for Voter Identity card registration are:

  • Filled application form in proper format.
  • Two passport size photograph.
  • Voter ID card or any other legal document which says the resident proof.
  • 10th passing certificate or birth certificate as age proof which must be attested by any government officer or Gazetted officer.
  • Salary certificate of mother or father of the applicant as a Family income proof. If the applicant mother or father are self employed or into business or any occupation he or she can ask for affidavit which declare Family Income.
  • In case of retired parents, applicant need pension certificate which shows pension amount drawn.
  • If the applicant has lost his father, he or she need Death certificate of the person.
  • Income tax Returns on the prescribed from-16 for the last 3 consecutive years if the annual income exceeds the income tax limit either it is parents income or the income of the applicant.
  • Copy of caste certificate of father/grand father or any other document or affidavit showing caste and community.
  • Two affidavit including complete detail of applicant along with parents income and occupation.

No fees required.
People who are having 1 lakh as gross income can apply for this certificate.

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